Ecommerce Websites for Online Shopping Experience

The field of global businesses is very vast comprising of big, medium as well as small companies that provide ecommerce web solutions to their clients according to their requirements. Those desiring of doing business expansion in the global market, ecommerce websites are the best available option for reaching out to customers spread in different countries. It gives you the opportunity to publicize your products and services to the target customers.

Whenever a new customer lands on a ecommerce website, he/she must be having many questions in their minds regarding the products and services. A well-framed ecommerce site has an enquiry page for their customers. This gives the chance to the visitor to post an enquiry with your site. Main aim of this page is to gather all relevant and necessary information from the customers so that they can be given response in an apt manner.

In case of a physical store customer can see, touch and feel the product for real but thats not possible in ecommerce websites. Therefore many sites offer many promotional offers and incentives to lure in the customers. Maintain quality in order to stay in business and get good online reputation.

As and when a new website is found by Google software it starts determining what it is related to. Different things are considered for this like the site content, keywords being used, page title, etc. Many things play important role in determining SEO success. Main aim of your site should be able to get top ranking position in search engine results.

According to experts, best approach and way of building a ecommerce site is by using services of website development providers. A professional team of web developers would take care and work for your ecommerce designing project and give regular feedback about the proceedings.

In initial development stages of ecommerce websites the market research would be advantageous in setting e-business. Usually while creating an ecommerce website many resources are used for its development. Sometimes during this process details about the site are lost. In this situation one can rely on usability testing for proper feedback.

Internet has become integral and one of the most important part of any country’s economic set-up and infrastructure. Several ecommerce service providers are available online that provide professional customized web designing services that suit their client’s needs. Hence by practising little precaution you can get a perfect ecommerce website for your company.

Web Design Tactics Explored!

A Well-Designed Website cannot be possible without correct conceptualization, proper planning and meticulous modelling and execution of all three previous processes. If we closely observe the complete web design process, a Two-Part Process can easily be carved out. Let’s find out how this Two-Part Process works. The first of this process is to analyse the requirements and objectives with the help of your development guys so that a Well Thought-out Plan can be established. The second process is to prepare a project specification document that must define what you plan to do and why, and what external support you may need, how long the process may take, what resources may be spent, and how the efforts can be assessed.

Web design is not as easy as most people assume. Several groups of people meet together, zoom in to the requirements and deliver a well-designed and user-friendly website. But it has been found that very often the web developers approach and accomplish web design project from a technological point of view and web designers are nothing but mere. This never justifies a web design project. One should consider some other groups of people to consult with. You may need the following groups while planning a web design project:

• Content Experts,

• Writers,

• Information Architects, and

• Graphic Designers.

All web design projects have a single bottom-line, “have to be genuinely useful to your target audience, meeting their requirements and expectations without being too hard to use.” Here we can infer some of the basic objectives of web design and that are:

• A website should be designed and developed for its users.

• A website should be user-friendly.

Most of the users of your website are not expected to be technologically savvy. The users always follow the directions that you have shown to them in your website. If your website navigation structure does not provide easy drive experience for the users, then it is obvious for users to hit back button more often. Your website should provide a pleasant experience to each and every visitor it receives. Here follows some guidelines for developers and designers while developing a website:

Online visitors are very volatile, but in general they show a similar pattern in tendencies which govern their behaviour while surfing online. First, most of your website users are expected to scan your web pages in top-to-bottom and left-to-right pattern (this assumption is based on English speaking readers and specific to English websites). Put your navigation menu at the top or on the left of the web page. Users have come to expect this anyway as this pattern is one of the Web Conventional Page Structure.

The navigation menu should explain what the destination page would be and its relationship with the source page. The users should be aware of the outcomes of each and every click on web page. If you are not following this content display policy, then it is nothing rather your design stupidity.

Text Underlining is one of the neglected parts of a website. Underlined text within content very often assumed as hyperlinks. So unnecessary underlying of non-hyperlinked texts for the sake of highlighting texts is not a good idea. You can bold or italicize texts in order to highlight texts.

Creating Mouseovers and Alt-Titles on your graphic links is a very good aspect of a user-friendly website. This makes it pretty easy for a visitor to recognize that the link exists, what it does and where the link is heading.

Five Major Influential Elements for E-Commerce Website

There is a huge difference between designing a static website and an e-commerce website. One can easily recognise a static website as it appears pretty simple, represents a comparatively smaller company just to make its presence online. A person needs to have technical knowledge (i.e. HTML/CSS knowledge) in order to maintain a static website. Static websites are cheaper to host, develop and manage. But in comparison to its advantages, disadvantages are the gravest ones. After the end of Dot Com era, it’s the Web 2.0 that influences almost all web development and design methodologies. Though a static website can represent a Web 2.0 design format, yet the development standard is not possible to implement on a static website. A static website does not large scale expansion; a forcible implementation consumes maximum web space and it’s very difficult to trace the problem whenever occurs. But dynamic websites are easy to manage, maximise and modify. Almost 90% of the existing websites are launched only for business operation online. Since the introduction of Shopping and Transaction online, E-Commerce Applications are high on demand. But in most cases, e-commerce websites do not satisfy the requirements of Web 2.0 standards. It heavily affects the business itself. Let’s analyze some of the points that play a major role in making an e-commerce website successful. Here follows six briefs those are elaborated below:

• Five designing elements that make an e-commerce site successful one – navigation, displays, readability, informative copy and ease in purchasing.

• Choosing and registering a domain name.

• Recognise your site hosting company from your prospective.

• Developing/Designing an e-commerce site of your own is not a good idea. Let experts do this for you.

• Three major profit making components of your e-commerce website – product database and availability, payment options and shopping carts.

• Continuing development of your site (i.e. including promotion, maintenance and improvements.)

Five Designing Elements

Navigation, displays, readability, informative copy and ease in purchasing – these are five key elements that one must pay close attention during design and development period of your site.


A complete e-commerce website helps a potential customer finding what they want as well as easily navigate through your site. Your web store needs to show a number of products at once. This improves the site’s Click through Rate (CTR), as visitors easily get required product information in a single action. You can visit other web stores including those of your competitors too to explore what has made their web stores so successful. List down such good aspects in MS Word and draw a design skeleton, then hand it over to your designer team.


One picture is worthier than thousands of words. Most online customer prefers to have a look before making purchasing products. Presentation of a product mostly depends on the type of product it is. For example, jewellery items need quality and high resolution images where as vehicle, furniture and antiques need 3D type display. Sometimes you need to provide multiple images for single product depicting various sides and conditions. Changeable colour scheme too has a greater advantage on product display.

Set up your image displays so that associated products are included. If you’re selling candles, try to include appropriate candle holders. Webpage Layout is one of the very important aspects of web designing.

Readability (Skimming and Scanning)

Like presentation of various objects on web layouts, Readability is also another characteristic of e-commerce website designing. Readability basically refers to the presentation of text on a certain web page. If a customer can’t read your item details, then that web page is of no value. The textual information should be properly presented, like: in paragraphs, italicized, bold, use of bullets and so on. If your textual information is not scanning or skimming friendly, then the bounce rate of your website will certainly goes up.

Written Information

Item details including, meta data (i.e. Meta Title, Meta Description and Meta Keyword), Item Title, Specifications value a lot. It is an effective way of helping your customers knowing what an item is all about. Try to create options for writing reviews on respective products. This feature facilitates retaining your customers longer on your web pages. Use words to connect your products with your customers.

Directions on ordering merchandise; return and exchange policies; terms and conditions; and customer service should be easy to find, read and understand. A telephone number for customer service can help increasing customer loyalty in your site and generate more leads.

Transaction Simplicity

Make the transaction process as easy as possible. The most important factor of an e-commerce website is the simplicity and security of its transaction process. If one customer has to fill up five or six web pages before completion of a sale, he/she may just tire out and give up. The whole transaction process should be completed within three clicks. You can implement express check out on your e-commerce site. There are various financial institutions are active around in the payment gateway industry. Some of them are PayPal, Google CheckOut, Protx and so on.

Emphasizing and proper implementation of these five elements will help your web store becoming a profitable attempt. Take enough time to research sites including your competitors, too and implement as many as positive elements in your website and make as easy as it possible. Let your customers get best shopping experience on your website. If your web store satisfies above five elements, then it would be worthy to bookmark.

Benefits of Customer Reviews

If you have an e-commerce website or are looking to get one set up then you will be looking for as many ways as possible in increase your sales and your visibility. This article will look at whether you should add customer reviews to your website and the real benefits you can see from them.

The first thing to say is you should consider two types of visitors when adding customer reviews to your website. Firstly potential customers and secondly the search engines. Believe it or not but there are actually benefits for both types of visitors which helps make customer reviews very important. We will look at each in turn and then you can make your own mind up:

1. Your potential customers

Firstly, ask yourself the question, what do customer reviews do for you when you are shopping online? If you answer this you will automatically see the benefits that you can get from them.

It has been see that by adding customer reviews to your website it not only increases sales but actually reduces returns as well. This is all because it helps users to make a more informed choice. If you have a product on your site and a few people have said what a great product they think it is then people will trust it a lot more.

Personally if I can read customer reviews it really helps me to make up my mind on a product and also makes me trust the online shop more as I know they have satisfied customers. After all the business you are in is to sell as much as possible so anything you can do to help that should definitely be considered.

2. The Search Engines

Probably the most important part of your marketing campaign will be search engine optimisation. This means you should always be looking for things that make you stand out and that can help your rankings in the search engines. Without them you will definitely have problems making sales.

The question is what benefit can customer reviews really have to your search engine rankings? Well the most important thing to know is that the search engines are always looking for content that will benefit the searcher. They will see customer reviews as a real benefit to online shoppers. Let’s look at it this way, suppose you have 2 online shops and they both sell the same book for exactly the same price and they have both been set up well for SEO. Now suppose one has 3 customer reviews and the other has none. Which shop do you think will be seen as most useful to the searcher? Clearly it is the one with the reviews for the reasons we discussed earlier. So adding reviews will give you a greater chance of appearing higher in the search engines.

On conclusion, it is clear to see that customer reviews can only benefit your business. Although it may cost more to set them up in the beginning in the long run you will see the benefit by the increased sales you have. However remember if you do set them up you should try and prompt your purchasers to give you a review otherwise you might not get any. At first this might take work but once they start you will get them a lot more often.